The management team were chosen for their experience, values, and desire to go above and beyond. We ensure that a robust recruitment process is adopted. Once recruited we ensure that all new staff are enrolled onto and supported with completing the Care Certificate and are safely and appropriately inducted. We ensure an appropriate skill mix of staff is on shift and appropriate numbers to provide the very best care for each resident in line with their needs. Staff are patient, compassionate and kind and give people time to make decisions for themselves.

Kerrie Howard Home ManagerKERRIE WYATT 
Home Manager

Following her degree in Psychology Kerrie decided to focus on raising her children, before finding her passion for the care sector. She has been working in the care for over 25 years now, having started off as a part time domestic in a Care Home in Devon. Throughout her years at the Care Home Kerrie worked in every department in the home and 11 years later became the registered manager. Kerrie was able to find a passionate caring team to make a big difference to the lives of those she cared for and a year later earned a ‘Good’ rating for the home and a year after that ‘Outstanding’.

Kerrie then went on to excel in quality assurance, leadership manager, and other managerial roles continuing her education in health and social care as well as education and training. Whatever her role Kerrie has always helped orchestrate a needs-led service, by adopting a person-centred approach that fosters self-awareness, personal growth and gives each resident the strongest voice with regards to decision making and lifestyle choices.  She recently joined Goatacre Manor Care Center to help continue John and Margaret O’Dea’s legacy of providing the kind of care everyone deserves.

Stephanie Gould
Deputy Manager

Stephanie has a background in nursing that spans 44 years. At the beginning of this journey, she worked as a care assistant on an Orthopaedic Ward and a Burns and Plastic Surgery ward prior to commencing her nurse training.

She has had many interests in her career including: Care of the Elderly – Orthopaedic Rehabilitation and Care of the Elderly General Medicine, Trauma and Orthopaedics – including caring for patients who may have required orthopaedic elective or trauma surgery and Orthopaedic Rehabilitation and General Surgery, as well as Tissue Viability.

Originally from Wales, Stephanie worked on a Care of the Elderly Medical and Rehabilitation Ward and an Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Ward and for a short while on a GP inpatient unit. Whilst working in Wales, she attained the then Welsh National Board 914 Care of the Elderly Certificate. She also worked as a Tissue Viability Specialist Nurse, leading an Acute Service.

More recently, she has worked at a Private Hospital, as ward manager on the General Surgery Ward, and on secondment as the Deputy Clinical Services Manager.

Stephanie is passionate about good nursing care and always looking to support those individuals she is caring for to have a voice, be respected and treated with compassion, dignity and empathy.

Kerrie and Stephanie are supported by a highly trained, committed and a genuinely caring team of registered nurses, care assistants, activities coordinators, administrators, catering, maintenance and housekeepers. The nurses and care assistants provide care 24 hours per day.

Together our Management Team at Goatacre Manor Care Centre team share and possess these traditional core values:

Respect – Due regard for the feelings, wishes and rights of every individual
Equality – Ensure all individuals are treated fairly, specific to their needs, including areas of ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, disability and age.
Caring – All-encompassing person-centred care.
Integrity – The quality of being honest and having moral principles.
Teamwork – We support each other in order to provide the best possible care.
Excellence – We strive for Excellence in all areas.

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At Goatacre Manor we truly care for our residents and do our best ensure their comfort and happiness.


Goatacre Manor Care Centre Staff Vacancies

Nurses & Carers
Various hours available including night nurses & bank work.

To apply for a staff position at Goatacre Manor, please download and fill the staff application  or to find out further details, please call:  01249 760464