As professional carers, at Goatacre, we’re well versed in identifying the causes of stress.

Our residents are the focal point of our offering, so we’re tuned into recognising potential issues, as well as identifying ways in which we can help.

When it comes to your loved ones though, you might be unaccustomed to these signs.

Moving into a care home can be a stressful process, so it’s likely to put a burden on those undertaking the move.

Let’s break down some of the symptoms to help you spot them…

For the individual in question, they might undergo a mix of feelings, ranging from irritability, aggression and impatience, to anxiety, nervousness and not a little fear.

If your loved one is considering moving into a care home, all of the above might manifest in a way that you recognise.

Tell-tale behavioural symptoms include indecision, constant worry, snapping, biting nails, smoking/drinking excessively, and, the more obvious symptoms, being tearful or crying, while the physical expressions of this may result in hyperventilation, lack of sleep, headaches, chest pains, dizziness or clear tiredness.

If you recognise any of the above in your loved one, there are numerous things you can do to try and ease their stress.



A simple stroll can work wonders in helping the mind to rebalance. Accompanying your loved one on walks can help them to clear their head and review the forthcoming changes in a more positive light.


Soothing smells/sounds

Helping them to engage with relaxing music or by lighting scented candles can really help to provide a calming atmosphere that aids them in putting things into perspective. Lavender, rose, sandalwood, bergamot – these are all smells that help to soothe the senses.


Offer them control

Involving your loved one in the decision-making process when it comes to the move will help them feel they’re in control and that they have some say in procedures. Even something as simple as asking for their opinion will help here. The alternative approach of taking the bull by the horns on your relative’s behalf, whilst helping to expedite the process, runs the risk of making them stress unnecessarily.


Maintain connections

Simply talking to them about the move and any concerns they may harbour can really help to maintain a sense of balance. A trouble shared is a trouble halved as they say, so conversation provides an excellent outlet.


Look for the positives

As part of your discussions around the move, it’s important to discuss the positives. As with any major change in our lives, it’s understandable for us to focus on the negatives and fear the potential downsides. However, the best way to counteract this is to simply flip it on its head and look at how their life will be improved.

In a sociable, safe environment, with carers always on hand and plenty of activities to engage with, care homes, far from being the end of the road, can offer residents a new lease of life.

At Goatacre, we’re very much focused on delivering an experience that our residents enjoy and we take great pleasure in welcoming new residents into our community. If you have any fears or stresses around the move on your loved one’s behalf, our team would be delighted to talk through these with you to help allay any worries, so do please get in touch.

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