We’re pleased to announce the launch of a new Adult Day Care service here at Goatacre Manor! As an addition to our existing respite and long-term residential care, this provides […]

Sitting out in the garden, BBQ’s and enjoying that great British pastime – talking about the weather.  We brits love a good moan about the weather.  However, in the care […]

We were going to write a blog relating to the Jubilee to mark this momentous occasion. However, you have, I am sure – been keeping up with this special occasion […]

I have recently had an operation on my right arm. I totally underestimated what this would mean for me. I was looking forward to a few weeks at home, watching […]

The First Care home – 936 ADThe history of care homes in Britain begins in 936, when the first-known almshouse was built in York.The story goes that King Aethelstan, at […]

My first blog to you will be around a statement I am passionate about and I hope to help dispel the myths of care. “People come into care to live”. […]

When looking at a care home’s offering, its facilities and location are likely to be the most obvious aspects that enable you to judge its quality. However, while facilities are […]

Often, people who are diagnosed with dementia tend to see it as the end for their usual activities – worrying that they’ll have to give up on hobbies and interests […]