Introducing Goatacre Manor Adult Day Care 

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We’re pleased to announce the launch of a new Adult Day Care service here at Goatacre Manor!

As an addition to our existing respite and long-term residential care, this provides families more flexible support options for elderly or medically fragile loved ones living at home.

If you act as round-the-clock caregiver but need reliable care and attention for your family member a few days a week, our weekday Adult Day Care offers the solution. We provide:

– Nursing care and medication assistance

– Personal care such as toileting and hygiene assistance

– Engaging, therapeutic activities

– Games, group exercise classes, outdoor time

– Cognitive stimulation through crafts, music, social interaction

– Nutritious meals and refreshments

This routine of care and engagement allows participants to maintain daily living skills while in a low-stress environment.

The Benefits Are Far-Reaching

For caregivers, adult day care allows 5-10+ hours per week to focus on self-care, household responsibilities, or work obligations without worry for their loved one’s wellbeing during that time. Over the long term, regular use of respite care can delay or prevent caregiver stress and burnout.

For care recipients, the ongoing activity and social engagement helps prevent isolation and declines in physical, cognitive, and emotional health that can occur at home alone. Additional health benefits result from regular nutritious meals, exercise, and medication management. Regular attendees often see improvements in strength, stability, mood, and sleep patterns.

Adult day care provides caring supervision for those who need support and gives much-needed breathers to those providing care. It’s a lifeline for care recipients and caregivers alike.

While under our care at a time that suits individual needs, Monday – Friday, your loved one enjoys social engagement, physical movement, and mental stimulation alongside peers. This maintains health and quality of life while you handle other responsibilities, work, personal needs, or simply recharge. 

We want to help relieve some of the stress for caregivers and give social contact to seniors who may feel isolated at home. Our Daytime Care Service offers helpful support for the whole family. We provide kind, compassionate care and activities for older adults during the day so their regular caregivers can have a break.

Interested to learn more or schedule a trial day? Contact us at 01249760464 or

Let’s discuss customising an appropriate care plan for your situation.