Top 5 things to do with your loved one on a sunny day

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When the weather is nice and the sun is shining, there’s no better place to be than outdoors. However, for those in their golden years, it’s important to remember that heat can have a bigger impact on health than it used to.

So, while you and your loved one may want to make the most of warm weather it’s advisable to undertake a gentler form of outdoor leisure activity whilst enjoying the best of the summer months.

So, what are our top 5 things to do at Goatacre?

Go for a walk

A gentle stroll is a lovely way to soak up some rays and much needed vitamin D. Our rural location means there are some agreeable, easy walks for our residents to undertake which are all within the near vicinity and easy to access. Why not take your loved one out for a short amble along some of the nearby walking routes?

You don’t even have to go beyond the boundaries of the care home. Our delightful garden offers enough room for a short walkabout, where you and your loved one can savour the scent of the flowers and the general outdoor ambience.

Speaking of the garden…


As we’ve blogged about before (where we looked at the health benefits of being outdoors), gardening is a favourite pastime amongst our residents. This is something we’re in the process of enhancing, with plans afoot, and indeed underway, to create a sensory garden that all our residents can enjoy, even if they’re not particularly green fingered. This will offer the perfect setting for a summer’s day, particularly if your loved one likes inhaling the scent of flowers as opposed to nurturing them.

Yoga Outdoors

When you think of yoga, I’m sure some of you are imagining contortionists undertaking impossibly tricky positions. However, that’s the extreme end of yoga. The vast majority of practitioners do a far less demanding form. For those in their golden years, it’s possible to perform yoga from the comfort of your chair, undertaking stretching exercises to maintain flexibility and suppleness. This kind of activity is easy to enjoy outdoors on a sunny day, allowing your loved one to top up vitamin D, whilst boosting physical wellbeing at the same time.

Read a good book

Of course, they don’t have to exercise in warm weather. Your loved one can simply sit outdoors and read a good book. There’s nothing more comforting than the soothing rays of the sun’s caress, whilst digesting an enthralling novel. And, for those who like being outdoors but not necessarily being in direct sunlight, why not sit in the shade? They’ll get the benefits of fresh air without the risk of overheating. You can sit alongside your loved one, peaceably passing the time, whilst simply enjoying each other’s company.

Watch the sunrise/sunset

Sunny days means clear skies, and clear skies mean beautiful sunsets and sunrises. As we age, sleeping becomes more difficult, with disturbed sleep and insomnia more common. Whilst this can be a burden (and we do take steps to ensure our residents’ rooms are as dark and quiet as possible), it does mean there’s a greater chance of rising earlier or sleeping later – making sunrise and sunset more accessible. On a glorious sunny day, a splendid sunset can be something to look forward to and savour. So, why not sit in the garden with your loved one and watch the sun go down?

For more information about the various activities we offer our residents, get in touch with our team, who’ll be delighted to outline the details.